Failed attempt to ameliorate impact of water tax shows charge must be scrapped now

Hundreds of thousands of low-paid workers will be caught in charges trap

The Right2Water campaign said today (Tuesday 14 October) that the Government’s failed Budget attempt to ameliorate the impact of water charges shows that the water tax cannot be reformed and must be abolished.

“In a panicked response to Saturday’s Right2Water demonstration, the Government today added a new anomaly to its crumbling water tax edifice by introducing a tax credit and extending the Household Benefits package – leaving hundreds of thousands of low earners who do not earn enough to pay tax, and will not qualify for the Household Benefits package, empty handed.
“Clearly, the Government is out of touch and has underestimated the anger at these unfair water charges. When you factor in that the tax credits will apply in retrospect – meaning nobody will benefit next year – it will mean our campaign will only grow and grow and make no mistake, water charges will be the number one political item in the run up to the next general election.

“Even before the first water bills flutter through letter-boxes, the Government’s water charges policy is a shambles.  It’s time for them to admit defeat, abolish the charges and go back to the drawing board. Until they do, Right2Water pledges to continue to provide a platform for the massive citizens’ opposition to this regressive double taxation.”, the statement concluded.