Irish Water confirms something or other and nobody believes it anyway

Irish Water say they are delighted that up to 61% of "customers" have been bullied, harassed and annoyed into paying something towards their water bills.

The company has confirmed that 928,000 “customers” had paid part, or all, of their bills – meaning that even using Irish Water’s own figures, 39% of people who have been threatened and intimidated are still refusing to pay anything towards the illegitimate and wasteful company. Right2Water doubts these figures, which don’t factor in how many people have joined the boycott since the first and second bills were issued.

The company claim that the total revenue from charges paid to date stands at €110m, or 58% of what they had hoped to raise at this point of the year. Right2Water notes that Irish Water are claiming to have recouped less than 10% of the more than €1 billion of taxpayers money spent to date on this government’s privatisation agenda.

Right2Water spokesperson Brendan Ogle said: “Despite all of the threats, intimidation and harassment, still there are hundreds of thousands of people who will not back down. Irish Water is the most expensive scam in the history of this country and people aren’t falling for it.”

He added, “Despite the hundreds of millions of euros of our money spent by this company on ridiculously expensive consultants, a massive advertising campaign and so called experts they’ve employed, they still can’t get people to pay a second time for their water.

“This government stubbornly refuse to accept that the vast majority of the population want an end to this utility. Well if they won’t accept that now, they’ll accept it after Saturday, 23rd January when tens of thousands of people will march the streets all across this country calling for the scrapping of Irish Water. And if they’re still not listening then, let’s see will they listen to us at the ballot box.”

Mr Ogle concluded by saying it is deplorable that Irish Water, overseen by this government, are happy to continue harassing some of the most vulnerable in the state to pay water charges so they can give more tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations.

“The Right2Change campaign has just completed a tour of the country talking to activists and members of the public who have been campaigning against water charges," he said. "It’s very sad to see so many people who are genuinely concerned about where they are supposed to find the money to pay for Irish Water and their expensive consultants - knowing full well that costs will shoot up once the temporary cap is removed in two years,” he said.

“We’ve heard from pensioners, the unemployed, those with disabilities and the working poor and the story is always the same. They feel threatened by letters coming from Irish Water. They feel intimidated by text messages from the company. And they’re wondering why this government continues with their water policy when they have no mandate from the electorate to pursue it,” concluded Mr Ogle.