Right2Water: local protests to go ahead across country on 1st November

Congratulations on one of the largest demonstrations in Irish history

The Right2Water coordinating group met tonight to discuss plans for local demonstrations, which will take place nationwide on Saturday, November 1st. 

The local demonstrations are being organised in order to build the already increasing mass-movement against water charges. 

“We want every village, town and city engaged on this issue and to build connections and networks so that when the next national demonstration takes place we can mobilize even more than the enormous 100,000 people who came out on Saturday, October 11th.”

Many communities across Ireland are already getting organized with some hosting local meetings and establishing local Right2Water committee’s. The campaign has provided some information to help with the coordination of local demonstrations in order to make them more effective. [Click here].

The campaign will be announcing full details of all local demonstrations on Tuesday, 28th October, but the committee is urging all communities across Ireland to get organised and to unite in opposition to these unfair water charges.