A warning bell to the Irish people from the Blue Planet Project and Detroit

The Blue Planet Project wishes to express its solidarity with people in Ireland who are protesting the installation of water meters and introduction of tariffs. The Irish people are not currently receiving water services free of charge as the right-wing discourse stipulates. Water and sanitation services are paid for by the Irish people through progressive taxation, which is the best way to ensure that everyone pays a fair share for a public service that is enjoyed by all. We are not opposed to all tariffs, but we support the resistance to service charges imposed by the EU-IMF-ECB as a purported solution to the economic crisis. This policy decision has undermined the right of the Irish public to participate in decisions made about their own services. 

As recently witnessed in Detroit, once unsustainable and undemocratic tariffication systems are imposed, the poor pay a larger share of their household income for common services and are made vulnerable by the threat of shut-offs and penalties when unable to pay. 

This op-ed by Maude Barlow, chairperson of the Council of Canadians and founder of the Blue Planet Project published on Huffington Post should serve as a warning bell in Ireland.

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